Pediatric speech and language therapy serving all of Virginia and Oregon.

Telehealth appointments are now available for both evaluation and treatment sessions.

At Rising Star Speech and Language Services, helping your family is what’s important to us. Building relationships and working with the whole family is the foundation to communication progress.

Marissa Siegel, owner of Rising Star Speech and Language Services

Are you struggling to help your child say their first words and you’re worried your child might be delayed in their communication development? Or maybe your child is already saying a lot, but new friends are having a hard time understanding them? We can help! Marissa Siegel provides a thorough evaluation to determine the goals needed for progress with your child’s speech and language skills. Then she works with you, your child, and your family to learn fun, new ways to help develop your child’s communication skills. Reach out for a free initial consultation.

We were able to connect with Marissa virtually for 10 speech therapy sessions for our ~1.5 year old daughter. To be honest I was a bit skeptical of speech therapy for someone who can’t speak yet, but Marissa totally changed my mind. Marissa is an amazing speech therapist because she gave us 110% of her attention and energy when we met. She was a great listener, and she was kind and gentle when giving us tips and strategies to motivate our daughter to vocalize. She was also extremely thorough about our child’s needs and followed up with us after each session. She coached us and gave us the age appropriate tools we needed to encourage our daughter to get up to speed for her age. My husband and I are professionals but don’t interact with kids much in our everyday lives, and these therapy sessions were critical for helping our child develop at this young age. -Rachael V.

Rising Star Speech and Language Services, Phone: (540) 252-9744, Fax: (540) 900-2411, msiegel@risingstarspeech.com